Studio Updates

Photo studio updates and highlights of recent commissions, sneak previews of upcoming projects, and an intimate glance behind the scenes.


It's rare that I photograph weddings, but getting to shoot alongside the wonderfully talented Kristen Victoria was an incredible experience. Here are a couple of my favorite images I captured for the breathtaking rustic wedding of Stephanie and Eric. You can see more of my photos from the wedding here.


Earlier this summer, I was hired by the Orange County Small Business Development Center to photograph the owners of several businesses in the Inland Empire for their annual "Success Stories" profile of successful small businesses in the OC. Here are a couple of my favorite images from the shoot, from Inland Wharf, a wonderful craft brewery with a great selection of house-brewed ales and lagers, along with a fun game area and expansive seating. If I lived closer, it would definitely be one of my favorite places to hang out.


At the end of summer, I was hired by High Ruin to photograph a lifestyle campaign for the launch of their new home decor line, inspired by the Victorian Old West. Their amazingly lovely and inspiring owner, Audrey Richter, rented a gorgeous house in Joshua Tree and we spent an afternoon in the desert creating magic with our absolutely beautiful model, Keziah. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the day. I'll share more soon, because I can't even explain how excited I am to finally be able to share these images with the world.


A few months ago, I was hired by Simplethings, a local independent restaurant chain. Here are a few of my favorite shots from my day spent photographing each of their three locations around Los Angeles.


I've been working on archiving all of my published work from the last several years and came across this old photo I shot for Nylon Guys back in 2014. Mark Wallace is the founder and owner of Wallace Detroit Guitars, an amazing boutique guitar company that handcrafts their instruments from reclaimed wood from destroyed houses in Detroit. During out shoot, I got to tour the warehouse space where the reclaimed wood was kept prior to guitar production. It was an incredibly inspiring space deep in the heart of Detroit, and Mark was genuinely passionate about his city and his company. Their slogan, "The sound of the Motor City," says it all.


Several months ago, I had the pleasure of photographing actress Priscilla Ford for her interview with Latina Magazine. You can read more about Priscilla's projects here.


I was excited to learn that some of the lifestyle images I photographed for the renowned Mercedes-Benz DRIVE Technician Training program have gone live on their website. You can view more about the program and company at the Mercedes-Benz DRIVE website.

BBQ + Rice

I was recently hired to photograph food and interiors for BBQ + Rice, a new Korean restaurant in West Hollywood. Their food photographed beautifully and they sent me home after the shoot with an absolutely delicious bowl of barbecued tofu and vegetables. The owners were delightful and their restaurant is a wonderful new addition to the neighborhood.

Erin Marie Miller
A Place To Call Home

I was recently hired by the Avi Ross Group to photograph interiors and portraits of Avalon Rossi, co-owner of the property management group, in her freshly completed project home in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Everything in the beautiful two-story home has been lovingly restored and designed from scratch to match Avalon's vision of the perfect home. With the interior design portion of the project finished, the house is now on the market and available to view by appointment. The house is light, airy, and welcoming and was an absolute pleasure to photograph. You can visit their website, or follow them on Instagram @avirossgroup.

Bombay Beach

A couple months ago, one of my favorite models, Zara Alyse, asked if I would be interested in photographing her at the Salton Sea. I agreed immediately. A couple of weeks ago, we finally made the long journey to Bombay Beach -- an eerie, abandoned beach town just off the coast of the Salton Sea. We encountered swarms of mysterious insects pelting against the car windows, a vintage automobile graveyard that doubled as an abandoned drive-in movie theater, and rows of dilapidated houses inhabited by a few quiet wanderers who have come to call the forgotten resort town their home. In spite of its eerie atmosphere and disintegrating infrastructure, Bombay Beach has a strange charm to it that you don't find often. There hasn't been a day since we left that I haven't thought about the lost town or how badly I want to go back to visit.

Erin Marie Miller
Megan Mockensturm (W Talent / The iGroup) photographed by Erin Marie Miller - Vogue Italia's PhotoVogue April 2014.

Megan Mockensturm (W Talent / The iGroup) photographed by Erin Marie Miller - Vogue Italia's PhotoVogue April 2014.

In February 2014, I rented my first private studio -- a gorgeous daylight studio with cement floors and floor-to-ceiling windows across one wall in a massive industrial warehouse turned studio and exhibition space. I wanted to test out the new space as well as some different lighting techniques, and was excited to when talented model Megan Mockensturm agreed to be my guinea pig. The resulting image ended up being selected by Vogue Italia's editorial staff for PhotoVogue that April.

Lala Abaddon for Nylon Magazine

After a quick trip to Nashville last October, Nylon Magazine hired me to photograph one of the Red Bull House of Art's resident artists, Lala Abandon, for an upcoming article for their December 2016 print issue. I had worked with them about a year earlier on a portrait for a profile of a local guitar maker and was excited to work with their talented team again. The next day I was on my way to photograph Ms. Abaddon at the famed Detroit artist residence and gallery, where I spent a rainy fall afternoon with writer/editor Austen Tostone and the very talented Ms. Abaddon, touring her studio and documenting her creative process. Here's an outtake from our shoot, as well as a tear sheet from the spread.

Mercedes-Benz DRIVE Campaign
Campaign photo by Erin Marie Miller of student mechanic in training for Mercedes-Benz DRIVE, 2017.

Campaign photo by Erin Marie Miller of student mechanic in training for Mercedes-Benz DRIVE, 2017.

One of my favorite images from my recent shoot for Mercedes-Benz DRIVE mechanic training program. For the campaign, I traveled to the luxury automobile company's Learning and Performance Center in Long Beach, California, where I documented two days of courses in their state-of-the-art training facility.

Restauranteur Joe Spencer photographed by Erin Marie Miller for DBusiness Magazine (Hour Media) January 2017.

Restauranteur Joe Spencer photographed by Erin Marie Miller for DBusiness Magazine (Hour Media) January 2017.

Creating editorial images for magazines been one of my favorite things since I began working as a professional photographer over six years ago. There's no experience in the world like visiting a local restaurant or business, meeting and talking with the creative people who keep our cities moving forward, and creating strong images of those people. This particular photograph of Detroit restauranteur Joe Spencer (and his pose) was a modern recreation of a beloved portrait of Joe's father, published in a newspaper decades earlier. Joe followed in his father's footsteps and now carries on the family business with pride and talent.

Erin Marie Miller
Madalyn Knebel photographed by Erin Marie Miller for Vogue Italia PhotoVogue (April 2017).

Madalyn Knebel photographed by Erin Marie Miller for Vogue Italia PhotoVogue (April 2017).

This image is still one of my favorite photographs I've ever made. Madalyn and I created this image last October while I was visiting Detroit. Shot in mid-afternoon daylight, the photograph was selected and published by Vogue Italia's staff for their PhotoVogue website in April 2017.

Erin Marie Miller